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At City Safe, we are a team of security professionals with decades of experience in the security industry working in fields ranging from nightclubs, bars, music venues, private security, roaming patrol, and casino security.


Our mission at City Safe is simple: We are dedicated to protecting small businesses.

Teaching the art of lowering liability to nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

City Safe provides security guard licensing, training and staffing services and more for individuals and businesses.

At City Safe, we are dedicated to expanding and improving the quality of security teams that are protecting businesses throughout the city of San Diego.

We believe that preparation is a superior path to success than reaction. We train individuals and security teams to not only obtain their Guard Cards and/or PPSO licenses, we also provide additional training. Based on methods cultivated over years of experience to ensure the reduction of liability for small businesses. Individuals and security teams trained by City Safe are properly trained to work professionally and effectively resolve any situation that may arise. Please contact us or visit our office/training facility during our scheduled hours. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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