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security guard in nightclub

 Team of security professionals with decades of experience in the nightclub, bar and restaurant industry

Our Security Guard Training and Licensing program offers in-person training to help you become a qualified security guard. Our in-person training is designed to give you hands-on experience to further develop your skills and hone your knowledge. With our training and licensing program, you can be sure that you are well-equipped to take on the responsibilities of a security guard.
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California Bureau of Investigative Services (BSIS) Approved trainers and training facility for security guard and Proprietary Private Security Officer curriculum

We offer comprehensive security guard training and licensing services. Our on-boarding assistance helps ensure that all security guards receive the training and certifications they need to do their job effectively. We also offer license auditing to make sure all security guards are up to date on their certifications. Our notification service helps keep security guards informed of any changes to their licensing requirements. We also offer security guard training seminars and hands on training for both individual security guards as well as security teams. For those looking to take their security skills to the next level, we have security team lead certification packages available.
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